Pithos Ancient Reproductions


Several years ago I also joined the world of historical re-enactment. More specifically, I participate as a painter and potter in re-enactments of ancients times in Roman and Etruscan settings. In 2018, I participated in the trailer for a video game based on the Etruscans called Mi Rasna, where I interpreted the role of a VI century BC potter. Performing in historical re-enactments helped me find a new area of cultural exchange, which enabled me to come into contact with a new type of audience. During the re-enactments, I prepare my so-called “potter’s workshop”, where I demonstrate how I paint my ancient pottery reproductions.

2019 Re-enactments

  • Journées nationales d’archéologie-Marseille (France)
  • Fanum Fortunae (Fano dei Cesari)
  • Tyrrhenikà – Etruscan heritage route (Villa Giulia museum – Rome)

2018 Re-enactments

  • Mi Rasna (Archeological park of Populonia- Barratti-Piombino)
  • Le acque di Sabate (Civic Etruscan museum in Travignano Romano)
  • Ocriculum AD168 (Otricoli-Terni)
  • Trasimena Aruspicina (Castiglione del Lago-Perugia)
  • Matrimonio Etrusco(Barbarano Romano-Viterbo)
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